Welcome to BruceK Model Trains!

This web site is dedicated to all of the individuals that enjoy participating in the age-old hobby of bringing the virtual world of one of the most important industries, rail transportation, into their home. It is my goal to bring inspiration, ideas, collaboration and services to everyone, from the entry level hobbyist to the serious professional.

My name is Bruce Kingsley and I model in HO scale (1/87), though the methods of the craft apply to all scales. I live in Yakima Washington USA.

My Gallery provides pictures and videos of model trains locomotive/engine/rolling-stock customization and detail scenery and structures I have done.

My How-To page provides step-by-step methods and tutorials on how I do my craft. I provide pictures, instructions and videos on many of my projects I feel proud to share.

Use my Blog to post comments or your own ideas to me and the community. We can never stop learning!

My Store enables you to purchase many of my existing locomotive/engine/rolling-stock and detail structures. I can also purchase a new product and customize it to your needs.