If you are just starting model railroading or even thinking about starting, one piece of advice I can give I wish I was given is “Plan Ahead”!  To some people, changes and re-work is all part of the hobby, but being in the engineering field I struggle with this. So even if it doesn’t both you like it does me, you will still benefit with some of this advice.

Basically you’ll be faced with a couple of “I wish I’d thought of that…

1)      This hobby isn’t the most inexpensive one out there. Changes cost money, though you do gain experience that is part of the hobby. But less waste will give you more to spend on what you like.

2)      Changes can be destructive to the good work around it. That’s frustrating to me.

3)      Missing opportunities can be frustrating. Planning and research will minimize this.

I’ll touch on these three topics.

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