HO Small Gooseneck lamps start using very nano LEDs and 38 awg magnet wires.

Cut .018 tubes to length.

Debur holes

Flare tubes

Mark ends that are flared

Insert .015 stainless steel wire into tube before forming to keep tube from kinking

Form tube using Gooseneck Jig

Remove .015 stainless steel wire pulling through metal plate with .016 hole.

Bring two wire tightly togeather using clamps. Apply solder flux.

Apply very small amount of solder to join both wires.

Cut one wire short after the solder joint. The remaining long wire will be your “Pull Wire”.

Punch (not drill) hole in lamp shade using ground back side of .018 drill bit into plastic sheet with matching hole.

Thread the long wire first allowing it to pull the second wire along with it.

Cut both wires a soldered joined point.

Test LED

Paint inside of lamp shade and apply 5 minute epoxy to seal in place and protect LED.



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