Welcome to my new website BrucekModelTrains.com! On this blog page, I will post latest information on my projects and information provided by my vistors to share.

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  1. tinyreich says:

    Not sure how active this still is. I am looking for a device that will accept a four bit binary number to control the amplitude of AC voltage. I guess it is digital control of a variac so with 115-120 Vac house current input, the output voltage is proportional to the digital control number, i.e., ideally, 0000 is zero volts output and 1111 is 115-120 volts output. Part of my problem is not being absolutely certain what the proper terminology is for an on-line search. I don’t know how popular your blog is, but I am trying to solicit hobbyists for ideas. My search for off-the-shelf commercial products have not shown any positive results.

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